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Every Saturday Night


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Calvary Temple


Founding Pastor | Senior Pastor

No stranger to Big Fish, fisherman Mark Leonard has reeled in some of the largest catches both in the deep sea and on land. Mark is not only a deep-sea fisherman, but also a Fisher of Men. To many he is known simply as the hardcore fisherman...

A Celebrated Author, Playwright, Producer, and Director, and Pastor, Mark Leonard brings that same sense of excitement and urgency that is found in harvesting a bounty from the sea, and applies that same sense of excitement and purpose toward harvesting a different sort of bounty, on land, with his unique style of Christian evangelism.

With a fresh approach and a burning desire to reach people for Christ, Pastor Mark is proving that a different kind of church can entertain, inspire and bring about transformational change to lives in a hurting and desperate world.

Your Invited To Join Us Saturday Nights @ 5:00 PM!
200 South University Blvd., Denver, CO 80209

His flair for the dramatic combined with his ability to weave the life of Christ into tales that speak to the situations of today, has brought thousands to the Cross of Christ. Through plays, sermons and books that speak to the very depths of life, Mark has shown people all over the world that the love of Jesus Christ truly conquers all. His rich and diverse background enables him to speak to the heart of people from every race, religious background and socio-economic level. Since his beginnings, Pastor Mark has Produced, Directed and Produced 52 original plays that have resulted in over 300,000 people responding to altar calls and giving their lives to Christ.

Mark has also seen thousands of people instantly healed by the power of God and desires to see people freed from all sickness, disease and affliction. Join Mark this Saturday night to learn more, experience healing, and / or to join him on this epic adventure.


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Joe Wood

If you're tired of powerless religion and live in the Denver, CO area I encourage you to visit the Rock Church of Colorado this Saturday night and experience the difference.